Pañuelos en Lucha: a podcast on feminist action for the sanction and defense of the abortion law

We present “Pañuelos en lucha”, a series of four episodes that highlights the testimonies of different people who fought for the sanction of the Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy Law in Argentina and continue to raise their handkerchiefs to defend it.

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The project, carried out together with Parque Podcast and with the support of the Mujeres del Sur Fund, has as its protagonists the voices of women and gender dissidence members of the green tide, who had some type of participation in the process prior to the enactment of the law , and in its subsequent implementation and defense.

Based on the collection of testimonies and the sound archive that brings together experiences from different parts of the country, we tell the story of the enactment of the IVE law and what came after. The objective of this sound essay is to serve as a historical account that recovers and reconstructs various forms of organization and strategies of struggle of the movements in favor of reproductive autonomy.

We set out to reflect how, despite the actions and strategies implemented by conservative and religious fundamentalist groups, the sanction could be obtained and work continues for its full implementation.

Each episode poses a fight scenario. In the first, “The desire made law”, we develop how the conquest process was experienced in Congress, during the vigils, and what the collective achievement of a law means. In the second, “Not a step back”, we reflect on how this right is accessed in health systems. In the third, “Winning the courts”, we tell how the judicial scenario is constituted as a space for dispute. Finally, in the fourth, “Abortion after abortion”, we propose some reflections on the pending challenges and how we see the future.

The ideation process of each episode and the collection of testimonies was carried out by the staff and volunteers from Fundeps’ Gender and Sexual Diversity and Communication areas. The script was written by Florencia Flores Iborra. The recording was in charge of Leticia Riera. The mixing and sound design was in charge of Paula Manini and the locution was by Constanza Barbisan.


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Mayca Balaguer, maycabalaguer@fundeps.org