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Budget and Rights: Working group on budget analysis

Last Thursday, November 24, we held a Working Group on Budget and Rights, together with the Civil Association for Equality and Justice (ACIJ), the Observatory of Labor, Economy and Society (OTES) and the accompaniment of the Federal Institute…
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A dialogue on food programs, public purchases and the Law for the Promotion of Healthy Eating

Last Thursday, November 17, we held a meeting on the current management of food programs for school canteens in the provinces of Mendoza, Córdoba, Salta, Tucumán, and Buenos Aires. Special emphasis was placed on food purchasing systems and…

We reject the modifications to the environmental policy law of Córdoba

More than 200 people and civil society organizations manifested to the Legislature of the Province of Córdoba our rejection of the recent modifications to Provincial Law 10,208. “Below, we offer a google translate version of the original…

Trunk gas pipelines: What will happen to the most vulnerable population?

The Comprehensive Gas Infrastructure Program - or the Trunk Gas Pipeline Program - promoted by the government of the Province of Córdoba, came to an end in 2019 with the completion of the works. By 2022, works continue at the municipal level,…

Active Transparency: discussion on good practices and challenges

On Friday, June 3, the meeting Current practices and challenges in Active Transparency was held. The cases of Mendoza and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (CABA), organized by the group of NGOs that make up Fundeps, Nuestra Mendoza, the Center…

Favorable tax ruling on access to public information

Within the framework of an amparo for default due to the lack of response from the Municipality of Córdoba in a request for public information, the attorney general stressed that “The plaintiff Foundation was forced to go to court to obtain…

Hearing of the Plan of Goals of Córdoba: we request to improve access to public information

Last Thursday, May 5, we participated in the first annual review hearing of the 2020-2023 Goal Plan of the city of Córdoba. We focus on the need to improve the exercise of the right of access to public information. “Below, we offer a google…

Rudi Borrmann of Local OGP and NGO of Córdoba: a meeting to strengthen ties

On May 5, we had the visit of Rudi Borrmann, the Deputy Director of Local OGP in Córdoba, and from Fundeps and PARES we organized a meeting with other NGOs and spaces of activism for human rights in Córdoba, at the Fundeps Office. “Below,…

Report: Demands and Challenges in Access to Public Environmental Information

Within the framework of the project “Strengthening the capacities of civil society in the exercise of the right to public information through the Escazú Agreement”, we shared the debates and reflections on the effective fulfillment of this…

The demands and challenges in accessing public environmental information

During the months of October and November, together with the participation of professionals and specialists in On the matter, three synchronous virtual meetings were held where different points related to access to public environmental information…
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Public budget: the debate and approval stage began in the Legislature

Each year budget laws are enacted that will guide the development of public policies for the following year, both at the national and provincial levels and in all the municipalities of the country. Through these laws, management priorities are…

Questions and Answers on Access to Environmental Information

In the following guide you will find questions and answers about access to public environmental information and useful information to make requests to the State.