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The eviction in Molinari and the guarantees of the Escazú Agreement

According to their testimony, the neighbors who claim against the Punilla highway project were violently evicted by the Provincial Police personnel from the camp they were carrying out in the vicinity of Molinari. “Below, we offer a google…

What did the “CORDOBA REPARA Festival” leave us?

Last Sunday, April 24, 2022, within the framework of Earth Day, the "Córdoba Repara" Festival was held on the Enchanted Island of Sarmiento Park and Fundeps was part of it through a stand with an interactive and collaborative proposal. with…

The concrete results of COP 1 of the Escazú Agreement

From April 19 to 22, at ECLAC headquarters, Santiago de Chile, the first Conference of the Parties to the Escazú Agreement (COP1) was held. The States Parties met there in order to design and adopt important rules for the implementation of…
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We exchanged about learnings in Environmental Justice

Summoned by the Legal Empowerment Network, numerous NGOs from Latin America participated in a meeting in the city of Santiago de Chile. Below, we offer a google translate version of the original article in Spanish. This translation may not…

Explosions in La Calera Natural Defense Reserve: a brief analysis

Throughout the month of January, the Explosives Brigade of the Police of the province of Córdoba will detonate eight tons of explosives in the La Calera Natural Defense Reserve. According to reports, the explosions were ordered by a federal…

Exhibition of animals in stained glass: a prohibited but current practice

Despite the fact that the sale and exhibition of animals in stained glass windows is a prohibited practice in Córdoba, it is still common to see them exhibited in some veterinarians in the city. “Below, we offer a google translate version…

Report: Demands and Challenges in Access to Public Environmental Information

Within the framework of the project “Strengthening the capacities of civil society in the exercise of the right to public information through the Escazú Agreement”, we shared the debates and reflections on the effective fulfillment of this…

The demands and challenges in accessing public environmental information

During the months of October and November, together with the participation of professionals and specialists in On the matter, three synchronous virtual meetings were held where different points related to access to public environmental information…

We present a statement at the 16th Youth Conference on Climate Change.

Within the framework of the United Nations Youth Conference No. 16 on Climate Change to be held in Glasgow from October 28 to 31, we formulated a statement that will be added to those of other Argentine civil society organizations. “Below,…

Questions and Answers on Access to Environmental Information

In the following guide you will find questions and answers about access to public environmental information and useful information to make requests to the State.
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Workshop: How to access public environmental information?

Aimed at organizations, assemblies, associations and interested people in general, on Friday, October 15 and 29 at 4:00 p.m. we will carry out two virtual meetings, which will aim to provide theoretical and practical tools on access to public…

We participate in the preparation of the general guidelines of the Yolanda law

From July 19 to 23, we participated in the meetings called by the Ministry of the Environment of the Province for the preparation of the general guidelines at the provincial level established in Law No. 10,758 of adherence to the Yolanda Law. “Below,…