Archive Year: 2015


Position towards the new Environmental and Social Framework of the WB.

In the framework of a public consult made last December 8th in the city of México, over 180 Civil Society Organizations of Latin America and the Caribbean sent their position regarding the second draft of the new Environmental and Social Framework of the World Bank. They asked for answers to the representatives of the region that are part of the Executive Board.

The new MICI´s policy. Going forward or backwards? – December 2015

Last December 17th 2014, the Executive Board of the IDB approved by consensus the new MICI´s policy, the Independent Mechanism of Consult and Investigation of the Bank. The following document analyses the main changes of this new policy and…

Brochure: Independent Consultation and Investigation Mechanism (MICI) – November 2015

This brochure provides a brief overview of the work of the IDB Independent Consultation and Investigation Mechanism (MICI) and its procedure to file a complaint. Civil society organisations, workers, communities and groups of individuals who…

The World Bank and International Monetary Fund annual meetings: considerations

The World Bank and International Monetary Fund annual meetings took place from October 5 to 12 in Lima, Perú. Fundeps, as a member of GREFI (Regional Group on Financing and Infraestructure), co-organized an alternative event which included…

The MICI disseminates its new Policy in Buenos Aires

A workshop that seeks to disseminate the new Policy of the Independent Mechanism of Consult and Investigation (MICI) of the IDB, took place in Buenos Aires. Many civil society´s organizations and individuals from all over the country took part in this event.

Workshop on International Financial Institutions´ Accountability Mechanisms

As a part of the Financing and Infrastructure Regional Group (GREFI), FUNDEPS organizes a workshop on Accountability Mechanisms and Civil Society in Lima.

Consult on Human Rights and International Financial Institutions.

FUNDEPS as a part of the Coalition for Human Rights in Development (CCDH), opens up a consult searching a methodology to incorporate Human Rights within the Environmental and Social standards of the developing Financial Institutions.

Indice de Democracia Ambiental – Resultados de Argentina – September 2015

Traducción de Fundeps del documento sobre los resultados EDI en Argentina.

The problem of solid urban waste in Córdoba

Fundeps prepares a working document that deals with the problem of MSW (Urban Solid Waste) in our city. The objective is to contribute and influence public policies at the local level that guarantee the right to health and a healthy and balanced…

Primeras aproximaciones: marco legal vigente y problemática actual de los residuos sólidos urbanos en córdoba – August 2015

Fundeps elabora un documento de trabajo que trata sobre la problemática de los RSU (Residuos Sólidos Urbanos) en nuestra ciudad.  El objetivo es contribuir e incidir en las políticas públicas a nivel local que garanticen el derecho a la…