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Tools for self-management from a perspective of sustainability of life

This material is a practical resource for the basics of self-management. It is the result of debates and dialogues, loaded with great desires for social transformation (only Spanish)

Agrochemicals, an environmental and public health problem

This document aims to examine, from a comprehensive environmental and public health perspective, the impacts caused by the application of agrochemicals. One of the many consequences of the existing agricultural production model in Argentina…

Statement in the face of the election of the new president of the IDB

Through a statement addressed to the Governors of the Inter-American Development Bank, civil society organizations, peasant communities, indigenous peoples and Afro-descendants and people with disabilities in Latin America and the Caribbean,…

Aborting with rights during the pandemic: Legal Termination of Pregnancy as an essential service

The following primer develops the technical and legal aspects that must be considered when guaranteeing the Legal Interruption of Pregnancy during the crisis generated by the coronavirus, with references to protocols and recommendations…
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Observations on the second draft of the IDB Environmental and Social Policy Framework from a gender perspective

In early July, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) published the second draft of the Environmental and Social Policy Framework -MPAS- and began the second phase of the 30-day consultation process. This document was produced…

The creation of the Agroecology Directorate at the national level was made official

On August 11, through a Resolution of the Official Gazette, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Livestock defined its new organization chart and made official the creation of the National Directorate of Agroecology, which will be chaired…

The impact of the pandemic on school food programs

The transformation of school canteens during the COVID-19 pandemic: speed in the provision and deficiencies in the nutritional quality of the food modules (Only spanish)

Public procurement in Argentina during the state of emergency

From the Network of Organizations Against Corruption (ROCC) we published a document that compiles information on what public procurement is like at the national level, in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and the provinces of Buenos Aires,…

Climate Change and the Rights of Women, Indigenous Peoples and Rural Communities in the Americas

Together with 16 civil society organizations in Latin America, we prepare this report that addresses the problem of Climate Change, its effects and impacts on human rights from the regional context. It was presented to the Inter-American Commission…

Analysis of the Second Plan Joint Action between Argentina and China (2019-2023)

The following document describes and analyzes the Second Joint Action Plan agreed between Argentina and China (2019-2023) at the G20 summit in 2018. This Plan reinforces the comprehensive strategic partnership between both States…