Fundeps is part of the Alliance for the Framework Convention on Global Health

In 2020, Fundeps began to integrate the Alliance for the Framework Convention on Global Health as an associate member. It is an Alliance formed by individuals and organizations that work together, at various levels, in favor of a Framework Convention on Global Health that guarantees the right to health of all people.

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Confident in the fundamental role that civil society organizations play in promoting rights, for several years we have accompanied global efforts to achieve a Framework Convention that ensures equal standards in the exercise of the human right to health. The COVID-19 pandemic revealed numerous inequalities that aggravated the effects of the pandemic, especially in Latin America. In this new context, there is more than ever the need for an instrument such as the Framework Convention, which allows orienting, catalyzing and establishing standards, processes and mechanisms for health governance.

This year, from the Alliance we propose to promote a conversation that allows us to start developing solutions to prevent future pandemics and guarantee the right to health for everyone, paying attention to the particularities that our region is going through.

Along these lines, a webinar will be held on Thursday, March 4, 2021, on Health Equity in Latin America and the Caribbean. This webinar will explore health equity with a special focus on the region but also with a comparative perspective on the global health landscape. Exhibitors, exhibitors and participants will present and evaluate solutions to the challenges of achieving health equity and health law in the region, including the idea of ​​a Framework Convention on Global Health.

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  • Gonzalo Hunicken