Open letter to the Government for the National Vaccination Plan against COVID-19

A group of 40 organizations from all over the country prepared a letter sent to different agencies and entities of the National Government expressing our concern about the situation arising from the existence of an informal vaccination system.

“Below, we offer a google translate version of the original article in Spanish. This translation may not be accurate but serves as a general presentation of the article. For more accurate information, please switch to the Spanish version of the website. In addition, feel free to directly contact in English the person mentioned at the bottom of this article with regards to this topic”

It was addressed to the Undersecretary of Open Government and Digital Country and President of the National Open Government Table, César Gazzo Huck; the Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti and the Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers, Santiago Cafiero in the face of the political and social upheaval caused by the unofficial vaccination system at the Posadas Hospital.

We make concrete proposals for joint work, within the framework of the principles of Open Government, for transparency and participation. In addition, we reaffirm our willingness to collaborate in everything necessary to bring tranquility to the population and guarantee that support for the most ambitious vaccination campaign in our history remains unchanged.


Nina Sibilla, ninasibilla@fundeps.org