“Let’s not let it pass” campaign: promote the first citizen report on the labeling law

Through this initiative, FIC Argentina, FAGRAN, Fundación Sanar, Fundeps and Consciente Colectivo seek to promote a citizenry committed to the labeling law and thus generate the first citizen report on its compliance. The initiative arises from the identification of various breaches and the lack of effective control by the State.

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Let’s not let it pass” is the new campaign launched today by FIC Argentina, FAGRAN, Fundación Sanar, Fundeps and Consciente Colectivo to promote an informed citizenry and committed to the effective implementation of the labeling law. The nationwide campaign seeks to generate a citizen report on the state of compliance with the law, 10 months after the start of its implementation.

In 2021, the organizations promoted the campaign “Don’t cover our eyes” to promote the approval of the law and, on this occasion, they meet again so that this public health measure is effectively complied with. The campaign emphasizes some components of the law referring to the presence and characteristics of the seals (their size, location on the container, for example) as well as their disposition in the gondola.

“A few months ago we carried out a research study to find out how the law is being implemented and we detected that in 83% of the supermarkets surveyed there were breaches regarding the disposition of the products on the gondola, the seals were not visible to the consumer. In 67% we found promotions associated with the price (such as “15% discount” and “50% discount on the second unit”) in products with stamps, which also shows a breach of the provisions of the law, and in the 12% of the surveyed products, the seals were not on the main face of the container. The State must sanction these breaches and with the campaign we seek to make them visible,” said Leila Guarnieri of FIC Argentina.

“It is a priority that the commitment extends throughout the country, counting on the federal representation of the provinces, which monitor compliance with the Law through committed citizens and nutrition professionals who, through Education and advocacy actions put the visibility of this Law at the center of the scene. As a Federation we join the efforts of the entities that we bring together for the effective compliance of the Law, without exception”, declared Ana Caceres from FAGRAN.

“For a full implementation of the Labeling Law, it is essential that as citizens we get involved and demand its compliance. Although it is the State that has the obligation to control, we are observing that these mechanisms can be deficient and inopportune. In addition, up to now we have no data that sanctions have been applied to companies that break the law. For this reason, it is important that we remain alert and report non-compliances to demand that the authorities monitor and sanction appropriately,” said Maga Merlo from Fundeps. And he added: “Let us remember that this law comes to protect fundamental rights such as health, adequate food and information for consumers, and especially for groups in vulnerable situations, such as children. Citizen participation is essential to build transparent public policies.”

“The platform also arises from the need to make visible the actions of companies that break the law in different ways, interfering mainly in the guarantee of the right to information of consumers. Being able to document, systematize the information and thus channel the claim to the enforcement authorities will allow the State to act in such a way that it can put into operation its own strategies to mitigate non-compliance,” said Ignacio Porras from Fundación SANAR.

“For a norm to be effective and not die in the sanction, it is essential that we get involved and demand its correct implementation. It is a matter of appropriating the Law and knowing it to be able to claim for our rights and build new horizons”, declared Ariana Krochik of Consciente Colectivo.

How to participate in this campaign?

Registering breaches at www.nolodejemospasar.org


Maga Merlo, magamerlov@fundeps.org