Participation in the Regional Meeting of Subnational Entities by the Open Government

Last Thursday, November 10, the first meeting of subnational entities framed in the partnership for open government (Open Government Partnership) was held. Organized by the government of the city of Buenos Aires, it was attended by representatives of the OGP, government authorities and representatives of civil society.

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Within the framework of the Subnational Pilot Program of the Open Government Partnership, the government of the City of Buenos Aires together with the National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (INAI Mexico); They organized a day that summons both governmental authorities of Argentina and other nations, as well as members representing civil society.

The pilot program allows OGP to drive successful innovations developed at the local level. The driving force of this project is the belief that the closeness that local governments have to citizenship will be able to boost open government initiatives at national levels. In April 2016, the selection of 15 local governments to participate in the program was announced, including the city of Buenos Aires. In the next two years participating governments will work together with local civil society organizations to develop specific commitments to open government.

Throughout the day, different speakers presented experiences, lessons learned and challenges in the future of the implementation of open government policies in local spaces. It was a day that allowed the different social actors to acquire new knowledge and debate about the future of new ways to build a more participatory and equitable democracy.


Agustina Palencia – Coordinator of the Democratic Strengthening Area