We reject the modifications to the environmental policy law of Córdoba

More than 200 people and civil society organizations manifested to the Legislature of the Province of Córdoba our rejection of the recent modifications to Provincial Law 10,208.

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Together with numerous people and civil society organizations, we express to the Provincial Legislature, through a note, the deep concern generated from the modification of Annexes I and II of Law 10208 of provincial environmental policy.

We believe that the treatment and subsequent approval process violated and seriously violates human and fundamental rights, both procedurally and substantially. In addition, the modification implies an unfortunate setback in the protection of the environment, failing to comply with rules, principles and rights guaranteed by current environmental regulations and commits the State because it constitutes a violation of international commitments assumed, for example, through the Escazú Agreement. .

The modifications made to Law 10,208 do not constitute simple wording changes, but imply a serious reduction in the requirements established by the law and that have a worrying impact on the activities subject to Environmental Impact Assessment to the detriment of the environment and ecosystems. In this sense, they expressly violate the principle of progressivity and non-regression accepted in our legal system (General Environmental Law, Law 10,208, Escazú Agreement).

The process that led to the sanction of the project was not disclosed to the public. The design of the project, its treatment in committee and its parliamentary discussion, not only occurred in a very short time, but also disabled any type of device that guarantees citizen participation, in contrast to and to the detriment of the broad legitimacy and social participation that it had. Law 10,208.

For all these reasons, the approved project constitutes a clear violation of the rights of access to public environmental information and public participation in environmental matters. At the same time, it violates the principle of progressiveness and environmental non-regression, sustainability, preventive and precautionary.

In this framework, we urge the repeal of the sanctioned project in order to restore the protection standards in force before its approval.

See letter sent and signatories of the request.



  • Mayca Balaguer, maycabalaguer@fundeps.org