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Requests for public information by the Bajo Grande plant

Yesterday, FUNDEPS with the Organization Las Omas represented by Alida and Ester Weht presented four requests for information in the Municipality of Córdoba, two requests to the Province of Córdoba and two requests to the company Coniferal de Transporte.

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Since the beginning of this year, the environment axis of the Human Rights Area and the Democratic Strengthening Area of ​​FUNDEPS have been working together with the Civil Association for Equality and Justice (ACIJ) in the Chacras de la Merced District of the Province of Córdoba, in particular with the Las Omas women’s organization. Two workshops were carried out by these organizations in order to identify socio-political problems that affect the community of La Chacra and based on what was identified, an advocacy action proposal was defined to work in the year. Likewise, access to information tools and strategies for monitoring public policies were worked on.

The work seeks to promote the development and implementation of strategies linked to the monitoring and advocacy of public policies in the Chacra de la Merced community, in order to support the work of the Las Omas women’s organization in the strengthening of social and environmental rights violated product of the malfunction of the Bajo Grande sewage treatment plant.

In this context, on Monday, May 30, representatives of the OMAs and members of FUNDEPS presented four requests for public information in different departments of the Municipality of Córdoba (Ministry of Health, Undersecretary of the Environment, Undersecretary of Transportation and the Liquids Treatment Station) Residuals) of the Province of Córdoba (Ministry of Investment and Financing and Secretariat of Environment) and in the company Coniferal SACIF. The purpose of these orders is to have official information on the status and operation of the sewage treatment plant and the environmental and health situation of the area affected by the contamination.

The requests for information submitted are made within the framework of the right to request and receive information, Art. 16 et seq. of Law 25,675, Art. 41 of the National Constitution, Art. 13.1 of the American Convention on Human Rights, Art. XXIV of the American Declaration of Rights and Duties of Man, instruments incorporated into the National Constitution, through its articles 75 inc . 22, Art. 19 inc. 10. Likewise, the Environmental Policy Act of Cordoba prescribes in article 61 that:

All requests for information required under the terms of this Law must be satisfied within a period not exceeding ten (10) business days. The term may be extended exceptionally for another ten (10) business days in the event of circumstances that make it difficult to obtain the information requested, and the requested body must communicate – before the expiration of the ten (10) day period – the reasons for the which makes use of the exceptional extension …

And finally, in accordance with the regulation of Law No. 8803 Right to Access to Knowledge of State Acts, which also provides a period of ten (10) working days to answer the information requested.

We hope to obtain a response to the requested information within the framework of the explicit deadlines, and thus continue fighting in pursuit of demanding and protecting the economic, social, cultural and environmental rights that are being violated, due to the malfunctioning of the liquid treatment plant. Cloacal of Bajo Grande.


Carolina Juaneda – Area of ​​Democratic Strengthening and Institutional Quality