The United Nations Annual Forum on Business and Human Rights was held

The eighth annual United Nations Forum on Business and Human Rights in Geneva was held from November 25 to 27. The Forum was attended by representatives of the Member States, Civil Society Organizations and other interested actors.

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The United Nations Annual Forum on Business and Human Rights is the global platform for evaluating and exchanging lessons learned about efforts to ensure that the UN Guiding Principles on business and human rights are not only theoretical, but applied in practice. More than 2000 people participate, including government, companies, community groups and civil society, law firms, UN agencies, academia, investors, media, among others.

The objective of the annual meetings of the Forum is to serve as an international platform where the actors involved evaluate and analyze the application of the UN Guiding Principles. In addition, it will seek to promote cooperation and dialogue regarding the issue of business and human rights. The meeting chairs the Working Group on Business and Human Rights.

This year, the forum focused on governments demonstrating progress, commitments and plans for the implementation of the State’s duty to protect and strengthen accountability. The agenda focused on what governments have to do in order to promote respect for human rights by companies and encourage them to develop responsible business behavior.

From Fundeps, the business and Human Rights agenda is transversal to all areas. Therefore, we monitor the results of the sessions and the annual Forums in the framework we work on the Guiding Principles and the binding treaty.