What left the VI Forum Our Cordoba: an agenda for metropolitan area

During the Tuesday November 1 it was held the VI Forum Our Cordoba organized by the Citizen Network Our Cordoba. The event brought together representatives of civil society organizations and government authorities to discuss the issues that the greatest impact on the metropolitan agenda of our city and province.

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The event organized by the Citizen Network Córdoba Our purpose was to bring together representatives of civil society and government authorities to discuss those issues that have originated in the metropolitan sprawl of the city of Cordoba. With the form of panel discussions, issues relating to land use planning, management of municipal solid waste (MSW) and transport and mobility were discussed. Discussions were more than enlightening, and conclusions will then be amalgamated in a document that will be shared with municipal and provincial authorities.

Since FUNDEPS consider the consequences of the territorial and urban sprawl – metropolization turned-processes – necessarily require good governance and management of cities for social and economic progress. Also, the context is complex and requires coordination between actors to generate enough holistic policies and effective.

The peripheral growth of cities extends the urbanized beyond the limits of the municipal area, generating a great urban space that forces extend infrastructure networks, increases the costs of displacement of people and goods and production costs and maintenance of public services. In scenarios of decentralization to local levels – as has happened in our country – the complex task of transferring functions and resources generally weak institutions, it is bewildered with the problems of interjurisdictional coordination in providing services and managing the development of recent conurbations. These problems manifest themselves in a variety of areas that are crucial for economic development and welfare of the population relevance. Many of them were discussed in the day on November 1.

Discussions about the axis of land management resulted in the identification of urgency to achieve a concrete determination of municipal ejidos and plan urban expansion of the city. Also it joined the discussion an edge environmental court where the need to mitigate the impacts of the expansion, safeguard heritage (native forests) and establish clear regulations regarding the disposal of soils was detected.

As for the management of urban solid waste, complexity for interjurisdictional and intersectoral coordination was emphasized, while it is necessary to regulate the regulations regarding the RSU.

The results of the debate have been the mirror of the concerns of civil society around the management of the city of Cordoba and its metropolitan area. Urban planning and sustainable development of cities go hand in hand, and in line with it, good quality infrastructure and basic services becomes crucial.

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Agustina Palencia – Coordinator of the Democratic Strengthening