We asked the Senate to incorporate new principles into the General Environmental Law

In conjunction with other NGOs, we asked the Chamber of Senators to treat the bill that seeks to incorporate the principles in dubio pro aqua and in dubio pro natura Law No. 25,675.

The bill, which has already obtained the corresponding half-sanction in the Chamber of Deputies, modifies art. 4 of Law No. 25,675 “General Environment”, and incorporates the legal principles “in dubio pro aqua” and “in dubio pro natura”. Let us remember that these principles, although they have been recognized jurisprudentially by the Supreme Court of the Nation, are not regulated in the current regulatory system.

These principles are important because they play a decisive role in decision-making by the authorities. In such a way: The “in dubio pro natura” principle establishes, in the terms of the bill, that: in case of doubt, disputes must be resolved in a way that favors the protection and conservation of the environment, giving preference to the least harmful alternatives. No actions will be taken when their potential adverse effects are disproportionate or excessive in relation to the benefits derived from them.

For its part, the “in dubio pro aqua” principle provides that: in case of doubt, environmental and water disputes must be resolved in the way that is most favorable to the protection and preservation of water resources and related ecosystems.

Considering the importance of its incorporation into the legal system, we request, together with other members of civil society, the treatment of the bill. In the current context of environmental tragedies, it is vital that each organ of the State adopt, within the framework of its powers, the actions necessary to protect the environment.

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Juan Bautista Lopez, <juanbautistalopez@fundeps.org>