#DemocraciaVIVA: 2nd edition of Democracy Day

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On September 15 we celebrate the International Day of Democracy. Democracy is both a process and a goal, and only with the full participation and support of national governing bodies, civil society and individuals can the ideal of democracy become reality to be enjoyed by all, everywhere.

The celebration and commemoration of this day is presented as an opportunity to reflect on the state of democracies in the world. Precisely, international days seek to raise awareness, raise awareness, signal that there is an unresolved problem, an important and pending issue in societies. In this case, the day of democracy seeks to remember how relevant it is to ensure that states establish healthy regimes in which human rights find their place and are fully guaranteed and respected.

The celebration of this date was due to the fact that the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) in its resolution A / 62/7 (2007) encouraged governments to strengthen national programs dedicated to promoting and consolidating democracy.

This date was first held in 2008. The date was chosen because it was precisely on 15 September 1997 that the world parliamentary organization “Inter-Parliamentary Union” adopted a Universal Declaration on Democracy which reaffirms its principles and the elements and practices necessary for a democratic government.

The world is currently attending a time when it is necessary to renew votes regarding democratic principles. Movements like the Alliance for Open Government specifically seek to aggiornar democratic principles, ensuring that they guarantee full citizen participation and respect for human rights.




Agustina Palencia, agustinapalencia@fundeps.org