We participate in the Hack(at)ONG 2017

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The participation of FUNDEPS in the 2017 edition of the Hack (at) ONG was hand in hand with our health team. Throughout the day of Saturday September 16, we decided to work on an application and web site that would allow better access to information about licensed geriatrics in the city and province of Cordoba.

Our proposal for this initiative was based on the aging of the population, coupled with structural changes produced in society that makes more and more families choose geriatric residences for care, attention and care of the elderly. This is a great challenge for the Argentine State: at present there are no national norms that unify demands for quality and care in these residences. Added to this, provincial norms in general only allude to building issues, within a regulation that is still far from conceiving of old age from a paradigm of human rights.

Within the framework of the Open Government movement, the Municipality of Cordoba and the Province of Cordoba have tried to improve their standards of transparency. The Municipality, today has an Open Government portal that has made available to the public a large amount of data and information. For this Hack (at) NGO 2017, we wanted to encourage better accessibility to information on geriatrics enabled in the Municipality and the Province, while promoting a collaborative type of tool between citizens and the government.

Using this information, we seek to promote the development of a public registry of public and private geriatrics qualified in the province of Cordoba, which also includes the results of the periodic inspections carried out in them.

Currently, there is a tool at the municipal level to find information about licensed geriatrics in the city of Córdoba. We considered that on this basis could be worked on including information at the provincial level, while generating a dynamic of operation of the registry in which the participation of citizenship is possible. The day ended then with a first draft of the tool in which it was possible to geolocalize the geriatrics of the City of Cordoba and map in the first instance some geriatric at the provincial level. It should be noted that today there is no public registry in the Province of Cordoba with this systematized information. In the future, we hope to achieve the publication of this information and its incorporation into the tool developed.


Agustina Palencia <agustinapalencia@fundeps.org>