Córdoba approves the complete ban on advertising of tobacco products

On October 9, the Cordoba Legislature passed Law 10,661 that modifies Law No. 9113 of the Permanent Provincial Program for the Prevention and Control of Smoking. The modification includes the complete ban on advertising, promotion and sponsorship of tobacco products, including the display of products; and also provides for the prohibition of commercialization and use in public places of electronic cigarettes and similar devices.

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Until the enactment of tobacco law No. 10,661, in the province of Córdoba, the prohibitions on advertising established by national law 26.6887 governed by adhesion of provincial law No. 10.026. National law prohibits the advertising, promotion and sponsorship of tobacco products directly or indirectly and through any means of dissemination or communication; leaving the advertisements at points of sale, the publications of companies in the sector and direct communications safe, with the prior consent and verification of the age of majority of the recipients.

However, through the new local regulations, progress is made in a higher standard of protection of the right to health than the one established in the national norm, completely prohibiting advertising, promotion and sponsorship and including the display of the product as part of that prohibition. Specifically, the law prohibits:

“The advertising, promotion, sponsorship and exhibition of products made with tobacco, its derivatives and accessories for smoking, in dispensers and any other kind of shelving located in the premises where such products are sold, and the sponsorship, sponsorship and use of direct or indirect incentives that encourage the purchase or that offer promotional discounts, delivery of gifts and prizes in money or species for the acquisition or consumption of the products and elements mentioned in this Law ”.

As for electronic devices, the standard prohibits “throughout the scope of the Province of Córdoba the distribution and marketing of products intended for smoking, as well as electronic devices with tobacco or any other substance that emits smoke, gases or vapors using the electronic cigarette, vapers and all other devices of a similar nature, to all persons under eighteen years of age ”.

From Fundeps, more than two years ago, we presented a bill with this initiative, in line with the recommendation of the World Health Organization. We rely on surveys that we carry out together with the Tobacco Smoke Free Alliance (ALIAR) that show that, in recent years, the points of sale include striking, colorful and visible advertising from outside these spaces. These strategies are more frequent at points of sale near schools. In this context, it is not surprising that more than half of the people who smoke start their consumption between 12 and 15 years.

We welcome this breakthrough which means a breakthrough, now we have to work for the proper implementation and supervision of these regulations. Our work as a civil society will continue to accompany this process and continue to demand that the highest levels of protection of the right to health be guaranteed.

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