First meeting of the National Commission on Healthy Eating and Obesity Prevention

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The main objective of the meeting is to inform about the lines of action that the Program develops and to propose strategies for the joint work. This Commission was established on the basis of Resolution 732/2016 that determined the creation of the National Program of Healthy Food and Obesity Prevention in the scope of the Direction of Promotion of the Health and Control of Noncommunicable Diseases.

At the beginning of the event, Dr. Adolfo Rubinstein (Secretary of Health Promotion, Prevention and Control of Risks) and Dr. Verónica Schoj (Director of Health Promotion and Non-Communicable Chronic Diseases) speak. Veronica Risso Patrón (Coordinator of the National Program for Healthy Eating and Obesity Prevention) explains the Commission’s working proposal: thematic and modality of work, schedule, expected products. Finally, the signing of declarations of conflicts of interest takes place at the meeting.

It is expected that the Commission will work through voluntary advisory subcommittees on different topics: food reformulation, nutritional profiles and front labeling, marketing and advertising of foods, promotion and healthy school environments.

Childhood obesity is a problem with serious health and economic consequences that is increasingly affecting low- and middle-income countries and the most vulnerable sectors of the population. At present, there are about 41 million children under 5 years of age who are overweight or obese, of whom more than 80% live in developing countries. We celebrate these kinds of initiatives that represent an opportunity for the debate and the coordination of efforts of multiple actors of society. We also emphasize the importance of including and ensuring the effective participation of organizations from different provinces that account for the specific and specific reality of each one, and allow progress towards the construction of a federal policy on healthy eating.


Agustina Mozzoni, <agustinamozzoni@fundeps.org>