Youth committed to the environment

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Within the framework of the Environmental Leaders program, the objective is to generate a discussion area in order to promote representative spaces of the Cordovan youth committed against climate change and environmental themes.

This table of dialog each of the representatives of civil society organizations share opinions, ideas and proposals for the city and province of Cordoba that make up the current concerns and themes of the environmental agenda; And joint activities were designed to work together.

We emphasize that the objectives of this initiative are: to promote a space of positioning with regard to conjunctural themes with a view of participation and particularly young; And to build capacity building among youth, Young Córdoba Agency and the Secretariat of Environment and Climate Change of the province of Cordoba.

We celebrate and support the realization of this type of initiative, as they reflect the opportunity for articulating different proposals, activities and actions of civil society organizations together with spheres of government in pursuit of the construction of guidelines for more sustainable public policies In environmental matters, as well as the strengthening of a participatory democracy open to dialogue, listening and working together.


María Elena Martínez Espeche

Juan Bautista López


María Elena Martínez Espeche – malemartinez@fundeps.org