We present a statement at the 16th Youth Conference on Climate Change.

Within the framework of the United Nations Youth Conference No. 16 on Climate Change to be held in Glasgow from October 28 to 31, we formulated a statement that will be added to those of other Argentine civil society organizations.

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The Youth Conference (COY) 16 will take place days before the annual UN Climate Change Conference (COP). At that conference, a policy document will be finalized, which will then be presented to world leaders, representing the voice of youth at the COP.

From Fundeps we have prepared a statement in which we highlight the problems, demands and needs that the Province of Córdoba presents in environmental matters, particularly from the elaboration and implementation of policies from an extractivist and unsustainable paradigm.

Based on this, we formulate a series of demands and requirements aimed at those responsible for the formulation, implementation and monitoring of public policies aimed at the protection, improvement and conservation of the environment.

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Juan Bautista López, juanbautistalopez@fundeps.org