Rights in the Escazú Agreement

On April 22, the Regional Agreement on Access to Information, the Public Participation and Access to Justice in Environmental Matters in America Latin America and the Caribbean- “Escazú Agreement”. On the occasion of world environment day. We present a resource of the rights guaranteed by Escazú.

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The main objective of the Agreement is to facilitate access to information, to citizen participation and justice in environmental matters, this being fundamental to strengthen democracy, sustainable development and care for the environment. Their Provisions include a gender perspective, open government, and criteria for priority in its application linked to people and groups in the condition of vulnerability. Finally, it incorporates a chapter specifically aimed at protection of human rights defenders in environmental matters.

The principles, rules and norms contained in the treaty are added to the broad and robust range of environmental laws in force in Argentina, reinforcing the rights and duties that govern in this matter. Most of these despite being in force, are systematically breached and injured by the powers of the authorities, particularly with regard to access to information, to the citizen participation and justice.

From Fundeps we elaborated a resource on the Escazú Agreement with information about its content, principles and rights that it guarantees. In addition, incorporates tools for legal information and for access to information environmental.

Faced with a scenario of constant violations of the right of access, it is It is important to know and disseminate the rights that Escazú guarantees to achieve their effective respect and application.



Juan Bautista Lopez, juanbautistalopez@fundeps.org