Kit of materials: Let’s build a healthier school

From Fundación Sanar, Fundeps and Fagran we launched “Let’s build a healthier school”, materials aimed at the educational community. Their objective is to promote the implementation of the labeling law in school environments and reflect on the nutrition of children and adolescents.

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Law 27,642 for the Promotion of Healthy Eating, known as the labeling law, is a comprehensive policy that seeks to protect and promote the right to adequate food and the right to health, especially for children and adolescents. To achieve this, it proposes a package of measures that seek to transform the environments where they grow and develop, limiting the supply of unhealthy products in schools and exposure to marketing, educating on food and nutritional aspects, and promoting equitable access to healthy foods.

In this framework, schools constitute a key space for the implementation of the law and have specific regulations to comply with. Children and adolescents spend a large part of their time there and therefore, it is a suitable place to promote healthy habits.

In this context, the process of adaptation to the norm requires an accompanied and informed educational community. For this reason, from Fundeps, Fundación Sanar and Fagran we launched the kit of materials “Let’s build a healthier school”.

The objective is to provide tools to encourage the active participation of the entire educational community in promoting healthier and more sustainable eating practices. It includes materials so that each member can rethink her role within the process and become a change agent in school nutrition.

What materials are included in the kit?

  • A document with information about the law as a comprehensive public policy. It provides information about the evidence that supports it and the purpose of each of its axes. At the same time, it approaches a practical activity of a reflective nature to achieve collaborative work among the members of the community.
  • 3 Videos: one aimed at authorities and decision makers in the educational field, another at those responsible for children and adolescents; and one for children (which can be useful in the classroom).