Demystifying development financing

“Demystifying Development Finance” offers insightful insight into Public Development Banks (PDBs) and their profound impact on the world. From the money they invest to the rules they set, these banks influence our lives and the well-being of the planet in ways we often underestimate.

In recent years, the PDBs have advocated playing an even greater role in addressing climate change, global poverty, and other crises. However, the case studies and evidence presented in this report show that BPDs are actually exacerbating problems they claim to solve. The push towards privatization, the extractivist and top-down approach, and the limitations of social and environmental safeguards often deepen inequalities, lead to human rights violations, fuel climate change and increase debt.

Produced by more than 100 civil society activists, this joint analysis aims to open a much-needed discussion about the role development banks play in today’s global economy and what we can do to hold them accountable.