Fundeps was elected to be part of the National Open Government Roundtable

Last November 2020, from the collective of civil society organizations for the Open State in Argentina, we held the elections to renew the representations of civil society within the National Open Government Roundtable.

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What is the National Open Government Roundtable?

The National Open Government Roundtable was created in 2018 as a space for coordination between the national government and civil society in the promotion of open government public policies, as well as in the actions to be implemented by Argentina in its participation in the Alliance for the Open Government. It is made up of four government representations and four civil society representations.

Government participations are decided from the ownership of the area that has specific powers on open government, which is currently the Undersecretariat of Open Government and Digital Country. From the government they take their place within the National Open Government Table: the Undersecretariat of Open Government and Digital Country, the Secretariat for Political Affairs, the Anti-Corruption Office and the Agency for Access to Public Information.

On the part of civil society, its representatives are elected by vote of the civil society collective that currently make up the Network of Civil Society Organizations for an Open State in Argentina. In the last elections, Fundeps was elected together with the organizations Democracia en Red, Acción Colectiva, and Fundación Hupedes.

At Fundeps we feel great satisfaction to be able to participate in this space, at the same time that we assume this challenge with great responsibility. We hope to contribute, together with the excellent organizations that accompany us, in the development and implementation of more and better open government policies, strengthening the quality of Democrats at the national and sub-national levels, in tune with regional processes and with a human rights perspective.

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Nina Sibilla, ninasibilla@fundeps.org