We appeal the rejection of participation as third parties the cause of Potrerillo de Larreta

Together with the group Todos Por Nuestro Arroyos de Alta Gracia, we filed an appeal challenging the decision that rejected participation as interested third parties.

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During 2018, together with the group Todos Por Nuestro Arroyos, we requested participation as third parties in the cause of Country el Potrerillo de Larreta. Recall that in this debate the legality of the enclosure of the Los Paredones stream by the country, in the city of Alta Gracia.

During the year 2020, the main cause obtained a sentence by the Chamber of Appeals in Civil and Commercial Matters of the Ninth Nomination of the city of Córdoba, allowing the enclosure of the stream. In December of the same year, after a long time without obtaining a resolution, the Civil and Commercial Court of 2nd appointment of Alta Gracia decided to reject the required participation.

In such a situation, we file an appeal requesting that participation in the process be reviewed and admitted. The grounds on which the rejection is based are based on a vision that restricts and contradicts certain rules present in the national legal system, and that at the same time, sets a regressive precedent in terms of access to justice.


Juan Bautista Lopez, juanbautistalopez@fundeps.org