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Comments on Córdoba’s environmental policy bill

FUNDEPS was present at the meeting convened by the Joint Commission for the Legislature of Córdoba to discuss the environmental policy bill. Working document detailing observations and central criticisms of the bill.

Implementation of a Freedom of Information Policy for The Brazilian Development Bank

Civil society organisations from the region have published a document in which the Bank is demanded to adopt a Freedom of Information Policy.

FUNDEPS Joins European Representatives from the World Bank on a Delegation to Shape Future Safeguarding Policies

The civil society delegation held meetings in various European cities with government officials and delegates from the World Bank as part of the revision process of the Institution’s safeguards. From 10th to 18th March, FUNDEPS took its…

The IADB Changes Its Structure during a Meeting that Excluded Civil Society

Without the participation of civil society, the Board of Governors of the IBD decided to approve an historic institutional restructuring with the intention of consolidating its private sector activities.

Alta Gracia: Follow-up of the cause that discusses the constitutionality of the “Protected Environmental Zones”

Last Friday, March 21st the FUNDEPS Human Rights team visited the courts and the legal counsel of the city of Alta Gracia, to continue the follow-up of the case that discusses the constitutionality of the “Protected Environmental Zones” established by Municipal ordinance No. 9375.

Residents of Alta Gracia File Court Papers in Support of the Constitutionality of Environmental Protection Zones

FUNDEPS appeared together with residents of Alta Gracia in a legal case to discuss the constitutionality of the ‘Zone of Environmental Protection’, in which the use of chemical spraying is prohibited. The regulations, which are disputed by farmers, have led to an important advance in the protection of the human right to health for the citizens of Alta Gracia, and the end of environmental pollution that should be guaranteed by law.

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