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In September of this year, after a year of the call to call, organizations that would be part of the CCAH of civil society were announced, whose main function is to advise and recommend courses of action to address the problem of gender violence. . This Council, created by virtue of article 9 of the integral protection law 26.485, is composed of two organizations per province and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, with a total of 48.

On October 27, the first meeting of the aforementioned Council took place, in which besides presenting the organizations, the National Plan of Action for the Prevention, Assistance and Eradication of Violence against Women was informed (2017-2019) and about INAM’s plans in terms of design and implementation of policies. Likewise, the functions and regulations that should be dictated by the CCAH were discussed. Among the functions of the organizations, are to participate in the annual meetings and monitor the application of law 26,485 in their respective provinces, to then submit reports that serve as an input to the INAM to promote the application of the law at the federal level.

One of the main points of the agenda was the change suffered by this body, which went from being the National Council for Women, to being the INAM. The authorities that stated, mentioned that the decision regarding this modification addresses the need to give greater hierarchy to public policies of prevention, assistance and eradication of violence against women by having the rank of Secretary within the Ministry of Social Development, the time that the organism is granted greater autonomy.

On the other hand, it was pointed out that in future it is planned to establish provincial delegations, to territorialize INAM policies and facilitate access to procedures in the different Argentine provinces. However, no references were made to how public policies in this matter are going to be mainstreamed towards the other areas of the State, beyond the scope of the Ministry of Social Development.

We welcome the initiative of INAM to comply with the provisions of the law and to consolidate an institutionalized space for civil society to participate in a federal manner in matters of gender violence. The construction and monitoring of public policies for a problem as widespread as gender inequality requires the participation of civil society in all of Argentina, so we hope that we will continue advancing towards the promotion of women’s rights, also assuring budget and the necessary infrastructure so that they work in all the national territory.

We can not fail to mention that the participation of organizations should be reinforced, in addition to the existence of the CCAH. It is necessary to implement mechanisms so that other women’s rights organizations in all provinces can access the participation, which do not meet the formal requirements to belong to the CCAH, but due to their experience and trajectory, they must be considered purposes of the design and implementation of public gender policies in our country.

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