We are trained in “budget analysis and advocacy strategies for transparency”

Within the framework of a project that seeks to strengthen accountability at the federal level, together with the NGOs Nuestra Mendoza, Andhes and Salta Transparente, we are trained in “Budget Analysis and Advocacy Strategies for Transparency” in order to generate common tools and align our work on this matter.

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The public budget is the main economic policy mechanism that defines how and how much public resources will be collected and invested in a whole year. Through this, the government defines its priorities in attention to public policies and therefore in the guarantee of rights.

The objective of the training was to generate tools and align our work on public budget matters, in order to carry out a joint strategy on the subject. Although, in general terms, all public budgets follow a similar scheme both at the national and sub-national levels, both the nation and each province have their own specificities. In this sense, guidelines were established for the analysis of each provincial budget process, identifying its key actors, times of the process and the existence or not of a mechanism for transparency and citizen participation.

In a particularly complex year, where the emergency was declared and large funds were allocated to care for the pandemic – a situation that is expected to continue at least for a while longer – we consider it key to delve into this issue. In this sense, we will advocate for greater visibility of the public budget, while making it more transparent, participatory and guarantor of human rights.


Nina Sibilla, ninasibilla@fundeps.org.