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We present amparo action against the Province due to lack of information

At the end of October of this year we present an action for amparo for late payment, within the framework of Law No. 8803 that regulates the right to access to knowledge of State acts, against the Ministry of Health of the Province of Córdoba, for not having responded to a request for public information filed on August 6.

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Within the framework of our work in monitoring and promoting public policies that respect human rights, with special interest in accessing health services in sexual and reproductive health in the province of Córdoba, we requested information from the Ministry of Health of Córdoba and the directors of the main provincial hospitals.

The information requested focused on the services provided by the Sexual and Reproductive Health Program, with questions about the number of patients who received care, the amount of training that was done in the province on the subject, the budget allocated to the Program, between others. In addition, questions about the services of Legal Disruption of Pregnancy were specifically included, and about the regulations applied to cases of conscientious objection.

In the absence of a response from the Ministry of Health, one month after having dispatched the request, we submitted a request for prompt dispatch, but we also did not obtain any response. It is worth clarifying that the period provided by Law No. 8803 for the provincial State to answer these types of requests is 10 business days. At the end of October, because this deadline was long overdue, we decided to initiate an action for amparo for late payment, which is currently being processed in the Chamber of Administrative Litigation No. 1 of the provincial justice.

The difficulties of accessing information in Córdoba

The right of every person to request and receive complete, truthful, adequate and timely information from any body belonging to the public administration is a fundamental human right to guarantee citizen participation, the strengthening of the democratic system, the transparency of public management. and the effective enforcement of other rights.

Throughout this year, from Fundeps we presented a total of 62 requests for public information to various provincial and municipal public agencies. All meet the deadline, and we only got 3 answers.

It is unfortunate that we have to resort to judicial proceedings in order to access information that is public. It is necessary that the Province review the regulations and enact a law that contemplates the minimum standards for the effective validity of this right, so we request that the law on access to public information be updated.

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Mayca Balguer, maycabalaguer@fundeps.org