Workshop on Gender Violence with Las Omas

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In the most vulnerable areas of our country, women are traced by the most serious violence. The rights we have conquered and the laws that we must protect often take time to come in their application, and communities are not always properly informed about how to make effective the guarantees offered by the State.

In the area of ​​collaboration and accompaniment that we built together with Las Omas, we also understand that it is important to strengthen the ties and ties between the women who make it up, since the networks of containment between women are the first that help to overcome those who face to the worst situations of violence.

The activities and mechanisms generated through Las Omas, with the women who make it up, are an essential tool for the follow-up actions that can be started and can be reinforced over time. That is why we have proposed to carry out workshops on gender violence, its types and the mechanisms of protection provided by the State. But this would be little if it is not complemented with tools that strengthen the bonds between those who are part of the community.

The first Gender Violence Workshop we conducted focused on promoting the development of ties and links that could serve to reinforce support mechanisms among women, so that confronting situations of violence can be collective, with the support of those who have overcome the obstacles, from those who can understand each other, and that in this way, women continue to take care of us in the fight against gender violence.


Virginia Pedraza – vir.pedraza@fundeps.org