32nd National Meeting of Women: a movement that resists

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More than 50,000 women gathered for another year to share experiences, update debates, express feelings and define policies that meet their needs, betting on collective work to advance the fight. Women approached from different parts of the country, but it is worth noting the presence of women from El Impenetrable Chaqueño, who made the difference in their first participation in an ENM.

The meeting was marked by a variety of workshops, including women and feminisms, sexual and reproductive rights, femicides, indigenous peoples, among others. Two new themes were added this year: “Women and Culture of Rape”, which developed the role of the media in the construction of the victim and the victimizer, institutional violence, sexual, affective and relational consent, among other axes . Also added “Activism Gordx”, workshop that dealt with the hegemonic medical model, cultural stigmatization of fat bodies and new forms of politicization. At the same time, women were able to enjoy numerous cultural activities, with 25 de Mayo Square being the epicenter of talks, handicrafts, music and mates “encounters”.

On Sunday, at 6:00 p.m., a multitudinous march was conducted that covered more than 35 blocks on the way to the Democracy Park, with the presence of women belonging to different social, political, trade union, civic organizations, indigenous communities, and so on. The march culminated with a great rock to the rhythm of good music, dance and several meals.

We can not fail to mention the lamentable assaults that were suffered by several women who attended the ENM on Monday by a group of people who, shouting “let them all go”, threw stones at them, chased them on motorcycles, hit with sticks, and threatened, corralated and intimidated violently. Once again, intolerance and violence played a part in the NME. We repudiate this episode of this anti-rights sector, which, far from respecting freedom of expression and democracy, once again tarnished an MNA. It is also worth noting that, unlike the previous ENM, the security forces did not repress and acted with respect for the rights of the attendees, safeguarding the security of the meeting.

We celebrate these 32 years of struggle that will not stop and we will meet again next year in Puerto Madryn, Chubut, headquarters of the 33rd ENM.


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