We began to integrate the RACI Executive Committee

Carolina Tamagnini, Executive Director of Fundeps, was elected as a substitute during the last election process for the Executive Committee of the Argentine Network for International Cooperation.

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RACI is a federation made up of more than 150 Argentine Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) that constantly works to strengthen and promote coordinated actions with the sector. Fundeps has been part of this space since 2016 and this year we decided to renew our commitment by applying to be part of its Executive Committee.

During the last Assembly of RACI Members, the results of the elections of the members of the new Executive Committee were announced. Said Committee is in charge of carrying out political actions in line with the medium and long-term strategy, as well as contributing to the implementation of the annual planning of the Network. On this occasion, Carolina obtained the necessary votes to become part of said space, and will be occupying a substitute role for the period 2020-2022.

We celebrate the renewal of RACI authorities and be able to accompany their continuous growth and federalization process, thus contributing to the strengthening of civil society in Argentina.

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New RACI Executive Committee

Carolina Tamagnini – carotamagnini@fundeps.org