Rosario received us at the Third Meeting on Women and Ecology

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The social movements that face the environmental problems and the gender inequality are due to a historical link to promote solutions that are integral and from a perspective that generates spaces of debate for equality and care.

Both environmentalism and feminism have championed their struggles against forms and logic of dominance that have engendered deep cracks in society and the world. Both spaces share the need to generate healthy forms of collective care, and their activism has always been female.

The Workshop Ecologist of Rosario has made the proposal to enter into little-known views, such as ecofeminism, to be able to continue making progress in the search for better alternatives to achieve a better relationship between communities, and society and the environment.

In this context, we participated in the Encounter “Women and Ecology. Weaving networks to rethink the present and build the future “that allowed us to generate links between organizations that work with environmental issues from a human rights perspective, with a special focus on gender inequality. In this way, and weaving networks between organizations, we start a path so that our actions are not isolated, and that each experience can nourish the activities we do, and thus empower and organize to generate greater and better impact.


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