ABC of Public Budget

Together with the organizations Andhes, Nuestra Mendoza and Salta Transparente, we have prepared a report that gives an account of how public budgets are created in the provinces of Córdoba, Tucumán, Mendoza and Salta, as well as the availability of information around them and the existence or not of participation mechanisms.

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Determined to strengthen the mechanisms of publicity, accountability and citizen participation, the Fundeps, Andhes, Nuestra Mendoza and Salta Transparente organizations prepared a report that explains the public budget formation cycle in the 4 provinces, as well as its execution and control by part of the public authorities.

The budget is a key element of public management, it defines the public policies that a government will carry out, determines how much will be collected and invested in public policies over a specific period, which is usually a anus.

The ABC report of the Public Budget seeks to answer the following questions, how is the public budget cycle in each of the provinces under analysis? What are your times and what key actors are involved? Is this information available? Does the citizenry have spaces for citizen participation?

To this end, the legal frameworks of each province, the stages of the provincial budget processes – elaboration, debate and approval, execution and control – were analyzed, identifying in each of them the key actors involved, the times of the process and which ones. they are the most relevant documents that result in each instance. Finally, for each province, the level of publicity and dissemination of budget information was analyzed, as well as opportunities for citizen participation, giving recommendations adapted to each situation.

In an instrument as relevant as the public budget that has a direct impact on the exercise of people’s human rights, it is necessary to guarantee, on the one hand, the highest levels of dissemination, publicity so that it is accessible to all citizens. , as well as instances and mechanisms of citizen participation that contribute to the construction of a more just and inclusive society.



Nina Sibilla, ninasibilla@fundeps.org