We present an Environmental Amparo for the contamination with pesticides in Colonia Tirolesa

We present an environmental protection for the contamination that Colonia Tirolesa suffers due to fumigations with pesticides. The community does not yet have a municipal ordinance that regulates its application.

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Colonia Tirolesa is a town that is located in the Department of Colón in the province of Córdoba, 27 km from its capital. Its main economic activity is agriculture, focused on the production of soybeans, potatoes and corn. Due to this, for years, fumigations with pesticides have been constant, which has caused serious problems for the environment and health.

Despite the continuous demands by the population to control and regulate the spraying, since they still do not have their own ordinance that establishes distances according to the characteristics of the place, the Municipality of Colonia Tirolesa never responded.

For these reasons, last Monday, May 8, we presented an Environmental Amparo for the Justice of Córdoba to order the Municipality of Colonia Tirolesa:

  • The creation of an environmental protection zone of no less than one thousand ninety-five meters (1095 meters) away from the external limit of the urban plant, where ground fumigation is prohibited and an environmental protection zone of no less than three thousand meters where spraying areas with any type of chemical or biological product for agricultural use is prohibited;
  • It is prohibited within the environmental protection zone 1, the cleaning and transit of all types of machinery and/or equipment used for the application of chemical and/or biological products for agricultural use: as well as the discarding of containers of this type of product .

In turn, we request as a precautionary measure, that is, prior to the resolution of the above request, that authorizations for applications for future fumigations and/or spraying with chemical or biological products for agricultural use be temporarily suspended. within the mentioned areas, among others. The purpose of this action is to safeguard and protect the rights of those who inhabit the town.

We hope that Justice, making use of the powers granted by environmental legislation, quickly order the Municipality of Colonia Tirolesa to adopt concrete and urgent measures to safeguard the community’s rights to life, health and a healthy environment. . These rights are constantly affected by the excessive use of pesticides.


Ananda Lavayen

Maria Laura Carrizo, lauracarrizo@fundeps.org


*Photograph of UTELPa