The province of Córdoba adhered to the Yolanda Law

Today the provincial Legislature approved the adhesion project to the Yolanda Law for comprehensive environmental training, with a perspective of sustainable development and with special emphasis on climate change for people who work in public functions.

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With the incorporation of certain particular regulations, the province of Córdoba sanctioned the regulations by which it adheres to National Law No. 27,592, called Yolanda Law in honor of Yolanda Ortiz, who was the first Secretary of Natural Resources and Human Environment of the Argentinian republic.

This law will oblige people who exercise public functions in the provincial State to be trained in the environment, with a perspective of sustainable development and with special emphasis on climate change. The Cordovan text incorporates issues of particular regional interest, numbered in an enunciative way, such as native forest, climate change, environmental law, urban solid waste management, environmental impact of public policies, preservation of protected areas and water resources, among others.

Likewise, fortunately, the enforcement authority is established in the same body of the law, with the Environment Secretariat being in charge of its application. In addition, it seeks to guarantee public access to information regarding the degree of compliance with the law, as well as granting the enforcement authority the power to enter into agreements with universities, scientific institutions, civil society organizations and other entities to ensure compliance with the standard.

Despite the fact that the regulations could have been superseded in relation to the National Law regarding the formation of a mixed application authority that incorporates the Ministry of Education, as well as the incorporation of a means of complaint or claim that allows the citizens contribute to the inspection process, we celebrate the provincial adherence to this important tool for environmental protection.


Juan Bautista López, juanbautistalopez@fundeps.org