Regulatory Map of Front Labeling in Argentina

From Fundeps and Fundación Sanar we present the Regulatory Map of Front Labeling in Argentina, a website that shows the progress of the 23 provinces and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (CABA) in the issuance of regulations that regulate the implementation of the Promotion Law of Healthy Eating (PAS) at the local level, and at the same time accounts for the regulation process carried out by the National State. The objective of this tool is to promote and strengthen the full implementation of this law throughout the country.

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Law No. 27,642 on the Promotion of Healthy Eating, known as the Labeling Law, was enacted on October 26, 2021 and regulated on March 22, 2022. As of this date, it is mandatory throughout the country. However, the adherence and/or the issuance of complementary regulations by the provinces and CABA is of utmost importance to ensure the full implementation of all the measures established by law, and thus effectively protect the health of the population.

The issuance of local, adhesion or complementary regulations by the 23 provinces and CABA:

  • It gives the possibility of adapting the regulations to the reality of each jurisdiction and improving their implementation at the local level.
  • It allows progress on aspects of the exclusive jurisdiction of jurisdictions that national law does not cover.
  • It accounts for an important act of political will.
  • Creates regulatory conditions conducive to the materialization of the rights recognized by the PAS Law.
  • It means an opportunity to raise the minimum floor established by national regulations.

In view of the importance of adhering to and enacting local regulations as fundamental elements to promote healthy eating throughout Argentina, Fundación Sanar and Fundeps present the Regulatory Map of Front Labeling in Argentina. This consultation and analysis tool is aimed at national and provincial public authorities responsible for promoting healthy eating policies and at civil society organizations, academia and the media that monitor the correct implementation of the PAS Law.


Consult the REGULATORY MAP: www.etiquetadoenargentina.org/


About the PAS Law:

The PAS Law seeks to promote healthy eating and guarantee the right to health and adequate nutrition. It includes measures such as placing warning seals on packaged foods and non-alcoholic beverages to provide clear and understandable nutritional information, encouraging more assertive decisions by consumers. It also regulates aspects such as school environments and nutritional food education, advertising, promotion and sponsorship of the food industry – with special focus on childhood and adolescence – as well as public purchases made by the State. These components contribute to a comprehensive approach to the regulations, strengthening their protective nature and their focus on rights.



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