World Access to Public Information Day

On the occasion of commemorating the World Access to Public Information Day, César Murúa, coordinator of the FUNDEPS Area of Democratic Governance and co-administrator of the Transparent Cordoba Program, has published an article along with Mariano Mosquera, with their reflections regarding this right and the institutional implications it entails.
Convención Marco sobre Salud Global

Towards a Framework Convention on World Health

FUNDEPS supports global efforts to achieve a framework convention on World Health that assures equal standards in the exercise of the human right to health.
Las recomendaciones del Comité de DESC para Argentina

The CESCR recommendations for Argentina

The Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights published their findings and recommendations for Argentina.

Presentation of initial questions to the Argentinian report to the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

As part of an NGO Coalition from Argentina, that submitted a document to the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, Fundeps presented questions linked to the right to adequate housing.

Monitoring the Municipal Election of the City of Córdoba

The Córdoba Transparent Program deployed a local election observation mission that developed media content showing different aspects of the election day.
Informe de observación electoral en Córdoba

Report on electoral observation in Córdoba

The Cordoba Transparente programme (an initiative carried out in conjunction with the foundation citizens 365 and FUNDEPS) presents it’s electoral mission report developed during the last elections in the province of Cordoba, Argentina.

This Sunday we’ll all be able to observe the election in Córdoba, Argentina

#CBAvota #boletaunicaCBA This coming Sunday 7th August, report on what you see at your polling station and tell us about your experience using the new Boleta Única voting system (where voters receive one ballot paper showing the names of all candidates, as opposed to the old system where voters would receive a separate ballot paper for each candidate). You can do this through your Twitter account or by sending an SMS to 351 2581379.

DESC Committee Publishes a List of Issues to Tackle in the Examination of Argentina

The social and cultural economic rights Committee has published a list of issues that should be considered when examining the third periodic report on Argentina, highlighting questions on the access to adequate housing.

Fundeps participates X National Congress Political Science

FUNDEPS participa en el X Congreso Nacional de Ciencia Política. El pasado viernes 29 de julio, Juan Camusso (FUNDEPS) y Hernán Charosky (Poder Ciudadano) expusieron sobre diferentes experiencias y estrategias de incidencia de la sociedad…

2010 Annual Report

Fundeps presents the Annual Report of its activities in 2010, making a balance of the main challenges, achievements, activities and lessons learned in its work in 2010.

The regulation of forest law in Cordoba. And now that?

Desde FUNDEPS se hace un balance del proceso de reglamentación de la ley nacional de protección de bosque nativo que diera lugar a una normativa provincial que no respeta los estándares de protección fijados por la propia ley de presupuestos mínimos.

We work for a more Inclusive Society

In 2010, FUNDEPS is created, a result from the work of young professionals from Córdoba, Argentina.