China’s growing role in funding the development of Latin America

In recent years, China has substantially increased its investments and funding for the development of the majority of the countries in Latin America. Civil society organizations are worried about environmental standards and human rights.

FUNDEPS participates of HackatONG organized by the National University of Córdoba

During Cordoba's TIC(Communication and Information Technology) Week and the Second Regional Forum for Program.AR, FUNDEPS proposed that programmers work on an application for reporting non-compliance with Tobacco Control laws in order to encourage better protection of the right to good health.

Evaluation of the Law and Violence Seminar

The Law and Violence Seminar: Perspective on Gender and Legal Practice was carried out with great summons. This event, organized by FUNDEPS in collaboration with the University Siglo 21, indicated a space for discussion on this issue and for highlighting the need to address it from a human rights’ perspective.

Wednesday, September 3rd: Law and Violence: Gender Perspective and Legal Practice

The Day of Awareness and Training will take place in the auditorium of the central headquarters of the University Siglo 21, in Ituzaingó 484. Our aim is to contribute to the development of theoretical and practical perspective on the serious problem of domestic violence and family for future lawyers.

Internship for UNC Law Students at George Town University’s O’Neill Institute

FUNDEPS, in collaboration with the O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law at Georgetown University and the Faculty of Law at the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, presents this internship program.

FUNDEPS takes part in global Young Human Rights Advocates meeting in Columbia

The Second Global Action-Research Workshop for Young Human Rights Advocates, which is taking place in Colombia, has been coordinated by the organization Dejusticia and includes amongst its participants FUNDEPS staff member Yamile Najle.

World Bank seeks to weaken socio-environmental standards for its projects. Responses from organizations in civil society

Latin American civil society must act urgently faced with the risk of the weakening of environmental and social safeguards by the World Bank. Greater clarifications regarding the weakening of these standards and the responses from organizations in civil society.

FUNDEPS takes part in Cartagena + 30

Thirty years after the original Cartagena Declaration on Refugees, the “Cartagena +30”consultation is taking place across Latin America. FUNDEPS is contributing to the writing of the Cartagena +30 Academic Declaration, which will outline the position of the academic sector with regard to the situation of refugees in the region.

Civil society organisations demand an effective and participatory public consultation process from the IDB for the second phase of the ICIM review

Civil society organisations demand an effective and participatory public consultation process from the IDB for the second phase of the ICIM review.

Discussions in Argentina regarding a treaty between businesses and human rights.

The Director of Human Rights of the Minister of Foreign Affairs’ office welcomed Civil Society representatives to discuss Argentina’s position in the next session of the United Nations Human Rights Committee.

Statement for World No Tobacco Day

As part of World No Tobacco Day, which is celebrated every year on the 31st of May, FUNDEPS is sharing a statement signed by various health organizations in order to promote the improvement of tobacco control policies and health protection, particularly in relation to taxation policies.

Considerations on the Environmental Policy bill continue in the provincial legislature of Córdoba

Representatives of FUNDEPS took part in the latest meeting of the Environmental Issues Commission of the provincial legislature of Córdoba, during which the topic of mechanisms for civic participation in the Environmental Policy bill for the province, was discussed at great length.