FUNDEPS participated in the Presentation of the Special Health Issue of Revista En Letra

The presentation of this special issue dedicated to the human right to health, which was supported by FUNDEPS, took place at the Buenos Aires Law School.

The Role of International Financial Institutions in the Management of Sustainable Forestry Resources in Argentina

In recent years, our country received and continues to receive various funds from international financial institutions in order to manage existing forest resources. How are theseplanned, executed and decided?

Second International Conference on Nutrition (ICN2): An important step towards the eradication of malnutrition in the world?

Inadequate nutrition (along with with tobacco consumption and insufficient physical activity) is one of the principal causes of non-communicable diseases (NCDs). These diseases (which include cardio and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, and respiratory diseases, among others) cause the deaths of 35 million people around the world each year.

Presentation of the Declaration by Academia within the framework of Cartagena +30

The “Declaration by Academia within the framework of Cartagena +30” was presented this past Friday, October 31st, at one of Brazil’s universities, Universidad Católica de Santos. The document puts forward the position of Latin American academics with regards to shelter, forced migration and the region’s migration, in general. FUNDEPS actively participated in drafting the document, aside from producing the Spanish translation.

Extraordinary agreement reached between the Ministry of Health of Mendoza and major cigarette manufacturers Nobleza Picardo and Massalin Particulares

On 15 October 2014, the Health Minister of the province of Mendoza announced a campaign launched in collaboration with major tobacco transnationals Massalin Particulares and Nobleza Piccardo.

Right of access in environmental matters. Towards a Latin American regional convention. Fourth meeting on focal points: negotiations begin.

The process towards international environmental governance has its origin in 1972 in the Stockholm Conference, and developed through various conferences and summits.
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FUNDEPS participates in the Annual Meeting of the World Bank and the IMF, dominated by the review of the World Bank’s environmental and social safeguards

In addition to participating in the discussions and demonstrations that took place regarding the process of reviewing the World Bank’s environmental and social safeguards, FUNDEPS met with staff from the IDB and MICI; and it was part of a discussion panel where a publication about the current funding landscape for infrastructure in Latin America, prepared by the Regional Group on Finance and Infrastructure, was presented.

Amicus Curiae submitted to the Constitutional Court of Colombia

FUNDEPS was called by the University of Medellín to take part in an Amicus Curiae presented to the Constitutional Court of Colombia. The case is about adoption by homosexual couples and supports an appeal made by the Legal Clinic of General Theory of Law in Colombia.

Concerns on the ICIM potential weakening in the review process being carried out by the IDB

The changes put in place by the bank suggest a deliberate weakening of the Mechanism, especially in terms of accessibility and independence, aspects that are crucial for creating an effective and efficient instrument. The Independent Consultation…

FUNDEPS and Multiespacio Galileo present, ‘Green Desert,’ an Argentinian film about agro-toxins in the world

Within the framework of the film and debate series ‘Quaestiones Disputatae. Environmentalism and ecological movements,’ organized by Multiespacio Galileo, FUNDEPS presents “Green Desert” an Argentinian film about agro-toxins in the world. The event will take place on Wednesday 3rd October at 20:00, director Ulises de La Orden will also be in attendance.

Office of the Ombudsman joins the Campaign for the Fight against Media Violence

At FUNDEPS we are reaffirming our commitment to working for the human rights of women, by supporting "A year of fighting against media violence towards women and gender discrimination within audio-visual media", the Ombudsman’s proposal for…

Technical Legal Analysis of the Provincial Environment Policy Law of Córdoba- Law Nº 10208

With the aim of promoting discussion on public environmental policies and the rulemaking frameworks passed for achieving them, FUNDEPS hereby publishes a technical legal report on the new general environmental law.