The electronic cigarette, a harmful trend in social networks

On October 2 we filed complaints with the Ministry of Health of the Nation and the ANMAT (National Administration of Medicines, Food and Technology) denouncing the advertisements that MigVapor, an electronic cigarette company, has been making through music videos of different artists -influencers-. In Argentina, the advertising and marketing of electronic cigarettes is prohibited.

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On October 2, we filed complaints with the Secretary of Government of Health of the Nation and ANMAT, requesting the elimination of music videos that advertise and promote the use of electronic cigarettes and that are hosted on the YouTube platform. Additionally, we ask that the links found in the descriptions of the videos and that redirect to the website to acquire them be removed.

Electronic cigarettes constitute a real threat to public health throughout the world and their consumption is constantly increasing even in those countries where tobacco consumption had been eradicated. The eCig generally works with a battery coil that heats a liquid solution composed of nicotine, essential tobacco oils, flavoring and flavoring substances and other chemical substances, which are inhaled by the user. These levels of nicotine concentration in the solutions can vary according to the product but the negative impact on health is the same.

The industry spends millions of dollars annually to market its products through various advertising, promotion and sponsorship actions. For some time now and with the increase in the use of the internet and social networks, an important focus of marketing campaigns has been the use of young influencers, who through various types of publications have the possibility of influencing opinion and behavior of thousands of people.

This has been the strategy employed by MigVapor LLC, which for some time now uses different artists from the music industry to promote their products, through the appearance of several models of electronic cigarettes being used by the artists, the Visible brand name and in the descriptions of the videos, a redirect link to the website where they can be purchased and in some cases, including, including promotional discounts.

We have found this advertising in the following music videos, available for viewing on the YouTube platform of Argentina:

The advertising contained in the music videos, with images that seduce young people and with strong intentions to influence the consumption of tobacco, its derivatives and associated products, with the referral to a specific link to acquire the product, located in the description of the video, undermines the fundamental right to health guaranteed by constitutional norms and international treaties with a constitutional hierarchy and violates the resolution of ANMAT 3226/11 and the law 26.687 on the regulation of advertising, promotion and consumption of tobacco products , in addition to violating the right of consumers regarding prevention information that is unclear or non-existent regarding the consequences and impact on health due to the use of eCig.

It is necessary to design new public policies aimed at strengthening compliance with current regulations and actions that meet the new challenges generated by advances in technology and constant innovations for the dissemination and promotion of this type of products and to raise awareness to the population about the risks of their consumption.


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