The law in the face of health challenges in Latin America

On Wednesday, April 10, we carried out the conference “The right to face the health challenges in Latin America” at the Bar Association of the Province of Córdoba.

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The event was coordinated by Dr. Viviana Perracini, Director of the School’s Right to Health Room. Dr. Claudia Zalazar, President of the Chamber of Right to Health of the Institute of Research in Legal Sciences of the Blas Pascal University, spoke on “The role of the courts in the realization and enjoyment of the right to health, experiences.”

Then, we have the participation of an international guest, Oscar Cabrera, Director of the Healthy Families Program of the O’Neill Institute at Georgetown University. His presentation revolved around the law as a fundamental tool to solve health problems

Finally, our Executive Director, Juan Carballo, developed the interrelation between the international and the local level in health regulation.  

We appreciate the support given by the Bar Association, the O’Neill Institute and the Social Rights Research Group (GIDES) to carry out this event.

Mayca Balaguer, maycabalaguer@fundeps.org