The Consultative Council of the INAM met

We participate in the annual meeting of the Ad Honorem Advisory Council of the National Institute of Women (INAM).

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On June 10, INAM convened in Buenos Aires the civil society organizations that are part of the Advisory Council. The meeting reported on the budgetary execution of the agency, as well as on the progress made in the implementation of the National Plan of Action for the Prevention, Assistance and Eradication of Violence against Women 2017-2019.

Likewise, progress was made in measuring the implementation of the Plan, as well as the construction of the national budget from the perspective of gender policies, including not only the Institute’s budget but also all other government portfolios. Finally, ways of interaction between the organizations representing each province and the women’s bodies and federal advisers corresponding to each jurisdiction were discussed.

We appreciate that these instances of participation for civil society be maintained and we hope that the INAM will continue strengthening the institutionality of the Consultative Council, as a space committed to the rights of women. The contributions of the organizations that are in the field are fundamental in the elaboration, implementation and evaluation of gender policies and that serve to keep alive the reason of being of the INAM: to assure to the women a full life, free of violence and worthy of be lived.

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