We demand participation and transparency in the change of direction of the MICI

Before the departure of the current Director of the MICI, Victoria Márquez Mees, at the end of June, a group of civil society organizations requested, through a letter sent to the IDB Executive Board, the inclusion of interested parties and the transparency in the selection process of the new Director of the Mechanism.

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On June 30, the current Director of the MICI, Victoria Márquez Mees, ends her term as head of the IDB accountability mechanism, a post she has held since 2015. In this way, the IDB is beginning the selection process from the new Director, therefore, together with a group of civil society organizations, we sent a letter to the Bank’s Board of Executive Directors requesting the inclusion of civil society and interested parties in said selection process. It should be noted that the last selection process carried out by the Bank was not very transparent and did not include civil society or other external stakeholders.

In line with the above, we recommend that the Bank create opportunities and encourage the participation of civil society and external stakeholders in the selection process. Especially considering that the MICI policy establishes that the Board will convene a selection panel to identify candidates. Furthermore, the inclusion of external stakeholders in the process of selecting the Director of accountability mechanisms is a good practice carried out by various international financial institutions such as the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, for example.

In line with the process of changing the mechanism’s direction, on June 12, together with a group of civil society organizations, we sent a second letter to the IDB requesting that the External Consultative Group -GCE- of the MICI be part of the process of selection. The participation of the CME will bring greater transparency to the process since the members of the Group are interested parties in the Bank who have knowledge about the region, the operation of the MICI and on issues related to transparency, sustainability and accountability. In addition, the inclusion of CGE members in the selection process means reporting your experience and qualified perspectives on the legitimate topic and the selection process and identifying the best possible candidate.

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