The Municipal Environmental Issues Training Process

The Municipality of Córdoba sanctioned ordinance No. 13.103 in November 2020. Even though it is not a question of adhering to the so-called Yolanda Law, it implements permanent and mandatory training in environmental matters at the municipal level.

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The ordinance obliges all persons who perform municipal public functions to receive training in environmental matters. In particular, the ordinance raises issues such as current regulations, with a focus on climate change, global warming, environmental care and ecological balance, urban solid waste management, the circular economy, biodiversity and the responsible use of resources in the workplace.

Although the regulations provide for a mechanism for access to information for the dissemination of the degree of compliance through various indicators, to date this has not been implemented. However, various events have been announced through the municipal portal in which the trainings were carried out.

In this framework, we request through the municipal platform for access to information, various points about the implementation process to date. The laws and ordinances that guarantee access to public environmental information allow this type of information to be requested in order to monitor public policies.

The truth is that on numerous occasions this type of request is not usually answered, impacting such action on the exercise of these rights. Access to information is a pillar for the defense of collective rights and for an adequate participatory environmental management.


Juan Bautista López, juanbautistalopez@fundeps.org