We participated in the Open Government Partnership Summit in Paris

We were present at the Open Government Alliance Summit (OGP Summit), which took place in Paris from 7 to 9 December. Next, more information on what is OGP and what was the 4th meeting of this alliance.

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What is OGP?

It is an initiative made up of more than 70 countries to promote open government policies. This implies that governments are accountable, more open, and better responsive to citizens. To be a party, States must adhere to the Open Government Statement, submit an approved action plan with a public consultation process and commit to periodic reporting. This initiative is also a space of articulation between civil society and governments, both locally and nationally.

What was the summit?

After the inaugural ceremony on December 7, 2016, panels and workshops related to a wide variety of issues related to open government were held during the next two days. These could vary between topics such as open data, citizen participation, use of communication and information technologies (ICTs), transparency in public tenders, among others. The different activities were also traversed by agendas such as climate change or gender.

More than 4000 people participated, including heads of state, thousands of representatives of civil society and people from the field of ICT. This culminated with the Paris Declaration. In addition to being a learning space on everything related to open government, the summit was an opportunity to create synergies among the different actors of civil society, as well as to create instances of collaboration with governments. In pursuit of a more democratic society, the Alliance provides opportunities to develop and promote open government reforms.

Subnational governments are also a part of

In the process of promoting open governments, cities and federal entities are also included. In relation to this, we were participating in the Regional Meeting of Subnational Entities by the Open Government and the Federal Open Government Meeting was held in Cordoba on December 15 and 16. In this last instance, efforts were made to make proposals for commitments at the national and provincial levels, so that Argentina should present its third action plan in 2017 and expect provincial commitments.

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