Moving towards a binding treaty on transnational corporations and human rights

We participated in the meetings of the United Nations Intergovernmental Working Group on Transnational Corporations and Human Rights. It seeks to create a binding treaty that guarantees respect for human rights by transnational corporations.

Joint submission of reports to the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Social

Together with civil society organizations in Argentina, we report to the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR) on the level of compliance by Argentina with its human rights obligations.

Introducing amicus curiae to defend the right to information and health

Together with the Inter-American Heart Foundation (FIC), Argentina presented an amicus curiae before the Constitutional Court of Colombia on August 10, in a cause of censorship of a campaign to raise awareness of the effects of sugary drinks.

The National Women's Institute (INAM), former National Council for Women, created a space for participation for civil society, called Ad-Honorem Advisory Council (CCAH). From FUNDEPS we participate in the call and we are one of the two organizations...
A UN report highlights the growing attacks against human rights defenders in the context of commercial and investment activities, including financing for development.
The people of the Argentine Nation have not had an Ombudsman for eight years. During that same time, civil society organizations have requested Congress to designate this figure, as ordered by Article 86 of the National Constitution.
In defense of the right to freely access water courses and the environment as a collective good, we made a complaint to the Environmental Police Directorate giving an account of the illegal activities developed in the Potrerillo de Larreta Country...
While the figures of the sexist violence do not cease, the budget destined by the State to fight it goes backwards. The budget "error" this year, would become a reality for 2018.
From 14 to 16 October, the long-awaited National Women's Encounter (ENM) was held in the north of our country, in the city of Resistencia, Chaco.