At the Cosquin Rock violates the regulations on tobacco advertising

In a survey conducted by FUNDEPS and ALIAR in the well-known music festival “Cosquín Rock”, actions were detected that violate the national and provincial regulations on the advertising of tobacco products.

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In Argentina, the National Law N ° 26.687 prohibits the advertising, promotion and sponsorship of tobacco products directly or indirectly and through any means of dissemination or communication; but it contemplates exceptions such as the interior of the points of sale and direct communications to persons over 18 years of age, when their prior consent has been obtained and their age has been verified. The province of Córdoba adhered to the national law through Law No. 10026.

Despite these restrictions, the industry continues to promote tobacco products, with strategies that target adolescents and young people. You can notice, for example, its presence in music shows and night parties, events where the young audience predominates.

In the Cosquín Rock, developed on 9 and 10 February, different tactics could be identified. On the one hand, a large number of promoters and promoters, young people with homogeneous clothing who carried a hanging tray with a fixed and bright advertising, and displayed cigarettes. This gave them a massive visibility throughout the property.

On the other hand, their consumption was encouraged through a special promotion: buying cigarette box packages allowed access to beer at a lower cost than the sale at the authorized premises. In addition, buying beer from those who sold cigarettes avoided the long wait to pay for it at other points of sale.

The brand that was advertised was Rothmans, belonging to the group BAT (British American Tobacco) and cigarettes were flavored, a mechanism that clearly tries to attract new consumers and consumers, seeking to associate tobacco with known flavors. The age of the people who attended was not controlled, so children were also exposed to these strategies.

This type of practice is prohibited according to the law n ° 26.687 and specifically according to the provisions of the regulatory decree n ° 602/13 that expressly contemplates the prohibition of advertising in spaces for public use and promotional discounts.

From FUNDEPS and as members of the Free Alliance of Smoke of Argentina (ALIAR) we denounce this situation before the Secretary of Government of Health of the Nation.

In this context, it is urgent to make progress in regulations that completely prohibit the advertising, promotion and sponsorship of tobacco products, as recognized by prestigious public health institutions and the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, a public health agreement ratified by 181 countries of which Argentina is not a part.

The cigarette promotion at Cosquín Rock responds to a series of strategies aimed at young people. Allowing this type of advertising in musical events and night parties involves continuing to strengthen the idea of ​​cigarettes as a product linked to fun, independence, rebellion, freedom … ignoring its addictive and deadly nature. Even today, tobacco remains the leading cause of preventable death in Argentina.

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