We have done observations on the Projects of provincial adhesion to the Yolanda Law

Within the framework of said treatment, the Environment Commission has held a number of open meetings with certain civil society organizations and people dedicated to the defense of the environment, in order to hear their opinion. Although the call to these people was not open to those who wanted to make their opinions known, the truth is that a new mechanism of citizen participation was generated, perhaps limited by the time that the agenda demands.

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This process is a good practice to be carried out. However, today with the entry into force of the Escazú Agreement, such spaces already constitute an obligation of the provincial State and not only the exercise of political good will. Adequate publicity and convocation, as well as the organization and distribution of time, fostering broad participation, must be considered in pursuit of a true environmental democracy.

In the framework of the participatory process, we refer to the Environmental Commission of the provincial Legislature, which we consider are necessary adjustments for a regulation that exceeds the national one. Thus, observations were made regarding the way in which an enforcement authority should be designed in accordance with the objectives of the law, the process of creating and evaluating training programs and content for people who exercise public functions, as well as also the introduction of complaint or claim mechanisms that allow citizens to effectively monitor and control compliance with environmental training.

We believe that a provincial regulation can be surpassed, if it incorporates mechanisms aimed at guaranteeing greater participation both in its gestation stage and in the monitoring and implementation processes.

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The Chamber of Deputies approved the Yolanda Law


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