A podcast beyond labels

From Fundeps, Fundación Sanar and Anfibia Podcast we launched “Exceso de Todo”, a podcast narrated by Lucas Fridman, which runs from the controversy around the octagons and focuses on healthy eating.

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Almost a year ago, the Law for the Promotion of Healthy Eating began to be implemented in Argentina, better known as the Law of Frontal Labeling. The black octagons that we see on the products are the ones that generated the most debate, but they represent one of the components of the law.

The objective of this podcast is to bring all the points that make it up and tell in 5 episodes how we eat in Argentina and what we need to eat better. It also addresses everything from advertising regulation to what can be eaten in schools, how public purchases for school and community canteens are managed and why when we talk about food it is not about individual choices.

The testimonies it gathers are from members of organizations that promoted it, journalists, leaders in nutrition and food, environment, people from the advertising industry, among others.

Listen to the podcast here

The episodes will premiere weekly on Thursdays until August 17. The podcast will be broadcast on Spotify and on all audio platforms.



Maga Merlo, magamerlov@fundeps.org